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Ian Josephs M.A. (Oxon) 

  Please give me a contact phone number from any country in the world no matter where you live. (MOBILES ARE OK !) and times available to receive a call. I will then phone you back at my expense.(Use a public phone box if you do not wish to reveal your number).

Alternatively,telephone me in France:(I am English but I live and work abroad) 0033626875684 for free legal advice! Monday - Friday 9am-5pm  when possible!Other times are ok if really urgent,but My wife says "PLEASE LEAVE HIM ALONE ON SUNDAY so he can have one day with his family !!" Remember to ASK me, and I will ring you straight back at my expense!(USUALLY THE SAME DAY).Please use regular email ;or fax documents to 0033493220967.(This number is a fax line only and does NOT receive phone calls)For my replies, I type emails with one finger so in complicated cases I prefer where possible to telephone you as it takes a lot less time to advise you this way ! To send me details of your case in advance by all means email me at do not accept attachments  unless agreed beforehand as they can contain viruses.

Try to stick to simple facts,numbered 1,2,3,etc in date order, not opinions,.Tell me how many children you have ,how old they are,if the ss are threatening to remove your baby,child,or children,or when they were taken,and what reasons were given by the judge or magistrates or SS for removing them or threatening to remove them 

Remember always that "adoption" is a wonderful,wonderful,thing if it is truly voluntary but it is a wicked, wicked crime if forced on parents desperate to keep their children .A punishment almost as bad as execution..........


Beware any adviser who asks you for cash !

Here on one page is what is wrong and how to put things right !PLEASE Download (cut,paste and print !)the slogans and information below then distribute the one page pamphlet widely if you wish to help others !

Children's rights conference.
July 25th 2014 9am see link below.


Thousands of UK parents who have committed no crimes are punished when their babies and children are removed for fostering or forced adoption. Judges rely heavily on hearsay in secret family courts, refuse  to admit relatives or witnesses for parents, refuse a second expert opinion and often forbid parents to contact their own children. A mother  reporting the father for sexual abuse was jailed for 3 years for meeting her daughter and a father jailed for waving at his children in care in a street.


 Babies are taken at birth for "risk of emotional abuse" or for one unexplained bruise. Parents are gagged and jailed if they protest in public. Children in care are gagged and cannot speak in court. Laptops and mobiles are confiscated to isolate them. If parents visit they cannot discuss the case, going home, or abuse by fosterers or social workers, or contact stops.  


'Forced Adoption' = The adoption of children against the opposition of parents. After adoption, they are never told where their children are or even if they are alive or dead.. Parents are punished for life and many no longer wish to live at all!


The secret Court of Protection (highway robbery!) separates old people from family and friends by forcing them into expensive private nursing homes. Partners and relatives are ejected from their dwellings then the properties are sold after their bank accounts have been looted to fund social services, lawyers, courts and dubious care homes.

The text above beginning with "Stop punishment without crime"and finishing with my email address can be used to form a one page pamphlet for distribution to the public: click here to open a pdf which you can then print. It shows clearly the defects of the "system" AND the measures needed to reform  our  family courts and social services.


Remember also that if the "SS" take your child without a court order and without your consent they are acting illegally and can be punished !

In R (on the application of G) v Nottingham City Council [2008] EWHC 400 (Admin) Munby J considered removal of a child from a mother without either court order or consent under s.20 of the CA 1989.  In finding that removal to be unlawful the Court relied on Article 8 of the HRA and concluded that the interference with the family life was not justifiable under Article 8(2) as a result

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> Hi Ian
> I wanted you to be the first to know:
> We pick up our baby today! 

Thank you so much Ian.
Without your support we would have lost her forever. Am so so grateful to you, truly


Now what could possibly bother me about social services and the family court system??
1:-Forced adoption 2:-Taking children into care for future risk 3:-Gagging parents and jailing them if they protest in public. 4-:Gagging children by retricting conversation with parents at contact to nothing controversial, confiscating mobile phones,computers,and preventing access to any post office. 5:-Refusing parents leave to call witnesses 6:-Choosing experts and refusing parents any say in who is chosen or what questions are asked,with no second opinion allowed.7 :-Branding parents as child abusers on the balance of probabilities that are often founded on mere unproved allegations ,pure gossip or other hearsay . 8:-Lawyers who advise clients to" go along" with social services even when adoptions are planned 9:-Punishing parents and children by separating them even when no crimes have been committed.10:-Refusing entry to the court to grandparents,step-parents,and close relatives of the parents.11:-Children taken from parents for alleged “emotional abuse” or risk of it. 12:-Telling wives to split from their husbands(and vice versa) otherwise they will lose their children(when they intend to take the kids anyway).13:- One bruise,burn,or fracture,the parents are blamed, and the child is taken away;”one strike and you’re out!).If however children complain about sexual abuse and /or severe bruising in fostercare they are disbelieved(despite photos) and ignored as are their parents.
A very fair” baker’sdozen” I reckon

? Grimsby Police Abduct A 10 year Old Girl - YouTube

There comes a  like the above when soldiers,policemen,and the like have a duty to refuse to obey an order that is against human rights or is a crime against humanity....

My child was taken by three armed police and a social worker. They pulled this terrified child (who was  screaming) from my body and was carried  out by the arms. They held my neighbour in the basement of our house at gunpoint.  I did not know where this child was for five days but that thisfrightened youngster neither ate nor slept. My poor child tried to run away when we were in a foreign country and the foster carers refused to ever foster again as they were so distressed.   My darling child was shaking like a leaf and kept  writing letters begging me to return to me which were given to me,  one million pounds in lawyers later and this child is with a paedophile and has not been seen by me for three years. My child disclosed to a psychologist, the police, a GP and myself and my father. There was medical evidence all ignored.  My child showed foster carers a very sore bottom after seeing the father but was told adoption would result
 if he didn't go and live with father. 

The police bruised both arms when they carried out my poor child who threatened suicide in foster care but still they forced this childto give up both mummy and home, move to UK and never see any  friends or family again. This child  is told he cannot call me mum and that a stranger is now the mother , has no contact with anyone  known before other than four short calls a year on speaker phone to me. 

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD AND JUDGES LIKE HON MRS X.......! Why are they punishing us and our children. All because we dared to report a crime, try to safeguard our children and love them. For this we are jailed, tortured by the system and watch our children being destroyed whilst powerless to help them.  

There is constant talk of change but our children are with paedophiles for their childhood! Nothing is changing. Another day of abuse because they dared to disclose. My child says on the abe who is going to make this stop? The police woman days we can't make anything stop. Who else does he ask?

On 6 Apr 2014, at 13:35, Vicky Haigh <> wrote:

my daughter was snatched like this too but by social workers and she cried and cried saying "my mummy's coming soon and we are going to have tea together". e. A big black man and strange woman took her and reported that she cried the whole 23 miles to her paternal grandmother's house where she cried all weekend then the next time I saw her she had mouth ulcers and cold sores all over her mouth. 
It is barbaric this treatment. She was told if she agreed to see daddy she would see mummy more. The rest is history as I haven't seen her for 3 and a half years.
I hate theses people and hope that they rot in hell. 
They have ruined my life and took a little girl's mummy away from an innocent child

I can only repeat the simple solution needed to reform our so called “child protection” system …………
NO PUNISHMENT WITHOUT CRIME, end punishment without crime, finish punishment without crime,abolish punishment without crime,scrap punishment without crime,see that no parents are punished by child removal if they have not broken the law protecting children ………….

Here's a video of me explaining my position on forced adoption and the gagging of both parents and children . 




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1:-If you want to learn about the tyranny of social services and the family courts in the UK READ ON !

2:-If social services are already bothering you or even threatening you CLICK ON ABOVE AND SKIP STRAIGHT TO THE GOLDEN RULES !

3:-If the "SS" have already taken your children or grandchildren skip straight to the golden rules and the list of contacts plus how to represent yourself ,then turn to the section "get your children back" and note the parts that apply in your case.

There are a lot of lunatics and fanatics on the "web".SO Please note that EVERY case I quote has appeared in a national newpaper and all the figures that I feature originate from statistics issued by government bodies or officially recognised government sponsored charities. I draw your attention to facts that are not disputed; though my theories on how we should deal with those facts certainly will be contested by outraged protests from those involved in the highly profitable "care" and "adoption" industries. !



 Please note ,I am not a solicitor or barrister but I do have a law degree from Oxford University and advise hundreds of parents every year (free of charge) on how to fight and sometimes win against social services . Right or wrong,just as everyone is entitled to a lawyer to defend them ,everyone is entitled to advice and therefore I give it to any parent who consults me. 

IMPORTANT:-I am a businessman with a language school  in Monaco and a "home tuition" organisation operating in 30 different countries.See and!!  The "SS" have never hurt me my family or my friends,but I  hate injustice and hate even more the secret courts that steal children from loving parents.

I first encountered these courts as a Kent County Councillor in 1960-66 applying for the discharge of care orders on behalf of parents in court against my own Council(before the Children Act 1989 stopped lay advisors from doing this) and I never lost a case!(see "History" later on ) That is why I NEVER take any money from parents for expenses or anything else. 

 I often refund parents "travel expenses" so that PREGNANT women can escape to Ireland(no passports needed) and other European countries where there is NO FORCED ADOPTION.Whatever the facts of the case FORCED ADOPTION is always wrong so I will always help pregnant women to avoid having their babies snatched at birth to feed the  ever greedy" adoption industry" When outraged lawyers,judges,and social workers accuse me of "meddling in complex family cases without knowing all the facts" My reply is to repeat once again that FORCED ADOPTION is always wrong no matter what the facts ."Emotional abuse "or worse still "risk of emotional abuse" are concepts met with incredulity on the continent and even when present can never be reason enough to confiscate children and send them for adoption by strangers.Please note I never send money in advance .I REFUND travel expenses to different European countries after the parent's arrival there, and after I have examined court documents,discussed the case with a parent, and been sent a copy of the receipt for travel expenses.

Forgive me if I repeat myself too often in this "exposé" of the "SS" and the family courts,but the average person simply cannot believe that such things happen in "democratic Britain".Well,believe me they do! Repetition is necessary to reinforce your belief ! I have found in practice that I HAVE TO REPEAT THE SAME TRUTHS AGAIN AND AGAIN BEFORE READERS REMEMBER THEM AND ACTUALLY BELIEVE THEM.That is why you will keep coming across the same reminders of the same appalling injustices many times at different points in this narrative.

Social workers often grumble that I only listen to one side of the story and that from parents who are not truthful.

 That is why a very important point is that after I HAVE SEEN THE POSITION STATEMENT OF THE LOCAL AUTHORITY I START OFF BY ASSUMING EVERY FACT THE SS RELIES ON IS TRUE and then ask myself if even then it justifies breaking up a family or worse still forbidding parents from having any contact (face to face or indirect) whatever with their children under pain of imprisonment ! . The answer in the sort of cases above that I receive when parents contact me is nearly always NO ! Why are the parents who ring me to complain that social services have taken their children nearly always right? Because they have very rarely been charged or convicted of an offence against children and PUNISHMENT without CRIME is always WRONG ! 

If on the other hand I or a journalist like Christopher Booker  ask the local authority for "their side"  of the story in any forced adoption or fostering case their usual response is to rush off and apply to the court for an injunction forbidding any person from discussing or seeking information about the case from any source ! Not very encouraging for anyone trying to get both sides of the story !





25,000+ children in the UK are taken from their parents every year by UK secret family courts.Elderly people in large numbers are forcibly separated from relatives and put into expensive nursing homes by  the secret Court of Protection.What is a democracy? It is surely a country allowing the right of its citizens  to protest publicly if they feel oppressed by the State; Elections are no guarantee. Hitler was legally elected, but soon suppressed any public opposition or protest. In the UK secret family courts take newborn babies from their mothers for "risk of emotional abuse", give them for adoption to strangers, and JAIL any parent going to the media to protest! Similarly elderly folk are snatched from caring relatives by the court of "Protection", and put into expensive private nursing homes, their bank accounts are then looted and houses sold (ejecting their relatives) to pay the fees! If relatives protest to the media they too are JAILED.How democratic is that?

Note: All of the comparisons below and in this document relate to 31 March of the year in question.

  • There were 68,110 looked after children at 31 March 2013, an increase of 2 per cent compared to 31 March 2012 and an increase of 12 per cent compared to 31 March 2009.
  • There were 28,830 children who started to be looked after during the year ending 31 March 2013, an increase of 2 per cent from 2012 and an increase of 12 per cent from 2009.
  • There were 28,460 children who ceased to be looked after during the year ending 31 March 2013, an increase of 3 per cent from 2012 and an increase of 14 per cent from 2009.
  • There were 3,980 looked after children adopted during the year ending 31 March 2013, an increase of 15 per cent from 2012 and an increase of 20 per cent from 2009. Although the number of looked after children adopted fell between both 2009 and 2010, and 2010 and 2011, the number of these adoptions has since increased and is now at its highest point since the start of the current data collection in 1992.

Issue Government STATS

In the year 2011 to 2012, over 600,000 children in England were referred to local authority children’s social care services because of concerns about their welfare.

Bills and legislation

Legislation about child protection is covered in:

There were 68,110 looked after children as of 31 March 2013, an increase of 2 per cent compared to 31 March 2012 and an increase of 12 per cent compared to 31 March 2009. The number of looked after children has increased steadily each year and is now higher than at any point since 1985.
The majority of looked after children – 62 per cent in 2013 - are provided with a service due to abuse or neglect. The reasons why looked after children are provided with a service have been relatively stable since 2009. Figure 1 shows the reasons for a child to be provided with a service and the proportions of children looked after recorded in each category as at 31 March 2013. 

The figures above apply to England and if we add in Scotland ,N.Ireland,and Wales there are nearly 100,000 children in care in Britain.It is worth noting that the colour chart below shows that 1% of these children ie nearly 1000 were taken purely because their parents had a low income and for no other reason!

Figure 1: Reasons why children looked after at 31 March 2013 were provided with a service


· Note the numbers of "forced adoptions" under the heading "reason episode ceased" and be sure that most of the adoptions "unnopposed" were because parents and their legal aid lawyers had just given up the unequal fight to keep their children .



Hundreds of balloons will be released from Slough town centre to mark a special event to launch Slough’s new fostering Allowance Scheme.

Saturday, July 2 will encourage more people to consider becoming foster parents to local children and see the launch of a new fostering allowance of £400 per week.

Despite all these wonderful descriptions of overpaid foster carers, 10,000 children went "missing" from care, as you will see from the article below:

Joint Inquiry into Children Who Go Missing from Care

Extract (point 9):

In June 2012, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Runaway and Missing Children and Adults and the APPG for Looked-after Children and Care Leavers published the report of their joint inquiry into children who go missing from care.

The report argued that the Government was under-reporting the number of children going missing from care. While the official figure for 2011 was 930, the report argues that, according to police data, an estimated 10,000 individual children went missing. The report cited that this high number was symptomatic of a care system which was far from being fit for purpose and in need of an urgent rethink.

For the full report click here


In 2011, there were 32,739 children involved in disposals of public law cases, including 31,515 orders made, 792 applications withdrawn, 350 orders of no order and 72 orders refused.

Only 72 care orders refused out of 32,739 cases !What chance do these poor parents have in our hopelessly prejudiced "family courts"?

Judicial and Court statistics 2011 -

The number of children in care in England has increased slightly from 64,400 last year to 65,520 this year.

Department for Education data shows 27,310 children were taken into care during the year ending 31 March 2011, down from 28,090 the previous year.

---------- STOP PRESS !The agency above has been sold for £130+million!



Ministry of justice :- Official Judicial statistics

In 2011, there were 32,739 children involved in disposals of public law cases, including 31,515 orders made, 792 applications withdrawn, 350 orders of no order and 72 orders refused. What chance did those parents have as (to quote L.J.Thorpe) "parents are so prejudiced in proceedings" ?? 

NSPCC figures show that the “baby P factor” is a myth !
Children subject to a child protection plan were over a 3 year period as follows:- 
Physical abuse 2010=5000,2011= 4800,and 2012=4690 A steady decline in the number of children subject to a child protection plan for physical abuse..

Emotional abuse:-

2010=10,800, 2011=11400,2012=12330 

An increase of 14% over the last 3 years! 
Clearly “emotional abuse” is the “buzzword” for social workers................


Statistics: England

Children in public care
67,050 children were in the care of local authorities on 31st March 2012


75% (50,260) of children looked after on 31st March 2012 were living with foster carers
9% (5,930) were living in secure units, children’s homes or hostels
5% (3,600) were living with their parents
4% (2,680) were placed for adoption
3% (2,340) were with another placement in the community
3% (1,980) were placed in residential schools or other residential settings

Where are the placements with kinship carers???



Statutory Instruments

Children Act 1987 section 97

97 Privacy for children involved in certain proceedings. E+W

(1)Rules made under section 144 of the M1Magistrates’ Courts Act 1980 may make provision for a magistrates’ court to sit in private in proceedings in which any powers under this Act [F1or the Adoption and Children Act 2002] may be exercised by the court with respect to any child.

(2)No person shall publish [F2to the public at large or any section of the public] any material which is intended, or likely, to identify—

(a)any child as being involved in any proceedings before [F3the High Court, a county court or] a magistrates’ court in which any power under this Act [F1or the Adoption and Children Act 2002] may be exercised by the court with respect to that or any other child; or

(b)an address or school as being that of a child involved in any such proceedings

Section 62: Publication of material relating to legal proceedings:- Children act 2004

Section 62(1) amends section 97 of the Children Act 1989 to make clear that the publication of material from family proceedings which is intended, or likely, to identify any child as being involved in such proceedings (or the address or school of such a child) is only prohibited in relation to publication of information to the public or any section of the public. This section will make the effect of section 97 less prohibitive by allowing disclosure of such information in certain circumstances. In effect, this means that passing on information identifying, or likely to identify, a child (his school or his address) as being involved in court proceedings to an individual or a number of individuals would not generally be a criminal offence.

252. It is envisaged that rules of court will set out the cases in which publication of information relating to children is authorised. Being authorised by rules of court, such publication will not constitute contempt. Subsection (2) amends section 12 of the Administration of the Justice Act 1960 to make it clear that the reference in subsection (4) to publication which does not constitute contempt includes cases where the publication is expressly authorised by rules of court.

Despite the new rules the judges simply exclude the media from controversial cases as the very typical example below shows !

Tuesday, 26 May, 2009
At 10 o'clock
Applications/Summonses in Court as in Chambers

At half past 10

At 11 o'clock

At 12 o'clock

At 2 o'clock

At 3 o'clock 


Many parents suffer when they see their children dragged away kicking and screaming as they are taken into “care”.Later the guardian and the social worker will swear in court that “the children do not want to see you or hear from you !” Any attempt to see the children and question them either in court or out of it is forbidden on the grounds that it would emotionallly harm the children ; In fact of course, the reason for the refusal is to prevent the truth from emerging that these kids are mostly desperate not only to see their parents but also to return to them !
Such is the wickedness perpetrated daily in our so called “family courts” !

I reproduce this email received by me from a well known “victim” of the system !

Why do (real) criminal women keep their children?
Answer = Because they are under the glare of the public criminal courts AND the Ministry of Justice who actually keep mothers and children together, unlike the Ministry of Education = secrecy and money, who have NO jurisdiction over the MOJ, take the kids in secret!
I found this incredible point out when I was in prison being encouraged to fetch Sapphire to the UK as they needed to fill spaces in the mother and baby unit to keep it open (or keep funded). I was worried outside SS was going to snatch her but was told they HAD NO JURISDICTION!
Jeronimho- I figured the safest place in the UK for me and Sapphire to be together was in a bloody prison!! One couldn’t make it up. I was protected from social workers by a 20 foot fricking fence!!! PERFECT (apart from the shit food). I love this country (not really).
Prisons have in house Social Workers who are rather normal compassionate people!
Let the penny drop like it did with me.


Michelle Freedman, a barrister with 10 years' experience representing parents in the family courts writes: "Clients are like lambs to the slaughter. Every client I met filled me with sadness (except of course in cases where there was obvious abuse and not in the Local Authorities' and court's interpretation of the word). I would sit with desperate mothers and / or fathers with their eyes wide open in worry repeatedly asking me what I thought the outcome to the case would be. How to relay to the client that the reality is that the children will most likely be made subject to care orders and ultimately adopted. How to tell the client that we are merely going through a kangaroo court process whereby the majority of children are taken from loving parents once the machine (i.e the court process) has been switched on."

"Throughout proceedings clients would genuinely believe that 'justice would prevail' and the courts would see that the children are better of at home with mum and dad. As any other barrister, and for good reason, I told parents that there is no certainty in proceedings.... I did not have the heart to crush their spirits from the outset. I truly believe that we are living in tragic times at the moment." 

Follow my blog at:


Hello Ian,

I'm not sure if you remember me, my name is Harriet i'm 19 years old and i'm from Grimsby in Lincolnshire. Some months ago i contacted you after finding your website whilst heavily pregnant and in great distress as i was facing the prospect of losing my first born son to forced adoption. Their concern was risk of emotional abuse, due to me being neglected as a child (ironically whilst under their watchful eye) and also due to the fact that my child's father, has a previous child in the care system.

I worked continuously with the social workers throughout my pregnancy but despite this they arranged for him to be taken at birth regardless. I was gagged at the PLO as my legal aid solicitor attended the meeting behind my back whilst i was waiting in the waiting area waiting to be called through and her explanation was this "They were not going to change their minds Harriet, i didn't want you to endure any more upset today"

I went into labor on Saturday 10th August two weeks before my due date knowing full well what was going to happen, a social worker came into my hospital room just minutes after giving birth, i hadn't had chance to bath and was still sitting on a blood soaked sheet cradling my newborn son and told me she wanted me to sign the section 20 which gave them permission to take him into care. I refused and she told me that he would be going regardless as the local authority were making an application to court and if i refused to sign now then i would have to remain in hospital until Monday when they would receive permission from the court to take him. I opposed and politely asked her to leave whilst agreeing to remain in the hospital with my son.

I spent an amazing night getting to know him, taking in all his features and meeting his needs, the midwives were fantastic with me - to my surprise they didn't look at me as some child abuser who deserved to have her baby removed, i was told that even in my area this happens so, so often. I was disgusted to find that i was the second girl that month. What i did next was very silly of me (depending on which way you look at it) i called my friend and told them to go and buy a newborn car seat with my card and bring it to the hospital, whilst she was doing so i called around local hotels and made inquiries as to weather there were any with facilities for babies, fortunately i found one after rejection after rejection and made a reservation for us, i pretended that i'd had a burst pipe at home and it wasn't suitable to have my son there until it could be repaired in a few days hence needing the hotel. 

I confided in the midwife who'd shown me particular kindness and told her what i was planning to do, she tried to talk me out of it but not because she was on their side, she said it would give them all the more reason to take him and not return him and said i stood a much better chance by showing the court i'm responsible and fighting the right way. I told her how they would not support me no matter what i said or did so i was taking him regardless, upon seeing how desperate i was she said she was duty bound to report my leaving the hospital but she would not do so until we were off hospital grounds, i called a taxi and took my son.

Upon arriving at the hotel i placed him in the cot, began pondering my next moves which in all honesty were very uncertain. I had money but nowhere to go, as my family support is very limited. Within half an hour i received a telephone call from a friend, they informed me that there was a number of police outside my house and circling the area, they were also knocking on doors. I was absolutely terrified and at this point convinced i was going to prison for abduction, i looked at my son in his cot now sound asleep and couldn't believe i had just cemented the fact i'd never see him again.

Due to the extreme reaction to my taking him from the hospital i became worried that they assumed i would hurt him, at this point there was no care order as it was Sunday and court was not until Monday. I telephoned the police and informed them that my son was safe and i told them our location, they then came and collected us and to my surprise - was as sympathetic as the midwife. They told me i wasn't under arrest, that they didn't feel good about having to come and do this given the circumstances but it was for our own safety, which in essence i can see now as although my son was diagnosed fit for discharge by the pediatrician, i was not technically fit for discharge as i suffered trauma during birth. The police took us both back to the hospital where to my surprise, i was placed back in the same room with my son overnight to await social services arrival in the morning. 

The interim care order was granted, i was told to stay in hospital with my son and my legal aid solicitor attended in my absence. At the time i thought this was nice of her as it allowed me more time with my son, now i know she did this only so she could ensure the order was granted as she was working alongside the social all along, just like your website proclaims. 

I was granted two 90 minute supervised contact sessions per week at a secure contact center whilst my son was fast tracked for adoption, my world began to crumble as my solicitor told me i had no chance - but then something amazing happened.

I woke up and smelt the coffee, realized just how much they had been railroading me into my own fears and instead of attending an appointment with this solicitor to file my statement, i did my own. What she told me would take her two weeks to complete took me two hours and upon finding out i had written my own statement she tried so damn hard to stop me giving it to the judge directly. She began changing her tactics and promising to support a mother and baby unit ' a little later on ' despite telling me endlessly that this will never happen. I stood strong, even threatened her with legal action myself and ensured that the judge received my 12 page hand written letter exposing each and every flaw, every lie, every underlying motive and every aspect of malpractice and gross misconduct that had occurred. 

The judge was appalled, everything has changed Ian! He has ordered a mother and baby fostering placement, he addressed the social worker in court directly and said he was appalled at how i'd been treated and said he expected social services to behave in a holistic manner not an abusive one. He said i needed support and that they had gravely let me down. I am stunned, shocked, surprised, words cannot explain what i am feeling right now. I expected the judge to be worse than social, but now i see that a lot of them only act and discriminate on the facts that they are given, which in so many cases including mine - are lies and fabrications of the truth. 

Instead of my sons fast tracked adoption process being complete in just 6 weeks time, he will now be spending his first birthday with me! This is fantastic news for me as i have been given the much longed for chance to show these people that i am more than capable of raising my little boy.

I was expecting to be criticized in court, expecting to be told how i evidenced my incapability to care for him due to absconding from the hospital, at least. Yet i was in fact complimented, i was complimented on my intelligence and dedication to my son and most of all i was complimented on the letter i had written. My world has been fixed, all because of a letter. 

When i was represented by my legal aid solicitor, she would constantly patronize and undermine me constantly using the phrase "Harriet, you aren't a solicitor" so guess what my last words were to her? I'm a better one than you!

She was actually annoyed when i was given this chance, the woman who proclaimed that she was working in my best interest, was actually p*ssed off that i was being reunited with my son. The corruption i saw unfold today was shocking, but the outcome is amazing.

I cannot thank you enough for the time you took to talk to me, advise me and show me the way forward. Without your website i would not of been armed with half of the knowledge and facts that i am today, with the help of your site i have stopped a baby, my baby, being taken away and forcibly adopted by strangers.

I thought i had no chance, after reading stories of adults with jobs, mortgages and family support losing to social services i never imagined that somebody like me, a teenage girl whom was neglected as a child then victim to domestic violence, would be able to emerge triumphant in an area of corruption that seems impossible to contest. If i can do it, others certainly can. 

Please do share my story on your website. I would love to hear from other parents and advise them as best i can, writing to the judge directly was the best thing i ever did and right now i am on top of the world!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you from me and my gorgeous little boy


And later:-

Hello there Ian it's Harriet here. I just thought i would update you on my progress, my application went ahead and was granted! I am in a mother and baby foster placement for 12 weeks and upon leaving it is my aim to relocate to London. The local authority were opposing my application at every turn but justice provailed and again, the local authority were criticized! There will be no 'final hearing' for adoption in February now and although social services are obviously peeved at the prospect of supporting me in keeping Harvey, they are being given directions to do just that. The magistrates, who were the same panel as the ones who had criticized them previously are in no way satisfied that anything other than adoption has been looked and i have been told by the magistrates directly that the "ball is in my court now" so i have been given my long anticipated opportunity to prove myself as a mother and i intend to do just that. I had your book, forced adoption, present with me on the day and in my last letter to court (i have since written another) i quoted numerous statements from your book which without a doubt proved to be the greatest assistance. A fantastic start to the new year and a wonderful victory for us teenage mothers whom are preyed on and abused, thank you so much Ian, i am on cloud nine!

NON MOLESTATION ORDERS :- can forbid a mother from  molesting her own daughter ! It is a total distortion of the English Language to pretend this includes sending a birthday card or waving at one's children in the street as happened in previous cases.To Molest =To intentionally annoy (Oxford dictionary) but no proof has ever been produced in these cases or any other cases that children have been intentionally annoyed by parents from whom they have been forcibly separated.
Judges guidelines instruct them to interpret statutes in such a way as to give effect to the intentions of those who drafted them.
Non molestation orders were clearly drafted to protect one person from violence committed on them by another person.(more often than not by a man on his wife or partner);There was no way that it was intended to cut off mothers from their children and no way that "molestation" could in most such cases apply to contacts between non criminal parent and child .The judges in Vicky's case and many other cases have acted "ultra vires", outside their powers and should be restrained by police and by parliament if nothing else has any effect.
NO CONTACT ORDERS:- These can forbid all contact face to face ,by email,phone ,or via a third party even when the child initiates the contact.There is no statute or other legal authority permitting judges to make such orders and to make them penal.
These orders are often made for long or even indefinite periods as happened in the case of a father recently jailed for breaching a no contact order (made 15 years earlier) because he congratulated his son on facebook on his 21st birthday long after a care order had expired and was therefore discharged.
It is contended that no judge has the legal authority derived from any statute to make such draconian orders infringing Article 10 of the Human Rights Act and also the United Nations Convention.Such judges  act "ultra vires" outside their powere and should as a last resort be restrained by police and by Act of Parliament.


Legal aid lawyer, secret court and social workers ‘colluded’ to adopt boys

TWO YOUNG children were taken from their distraught mother and placed for adoption because her own legal aid lawyers “colluded” with social workers, according to an MP’s extraordinary allegation in Parliament.

By Ted Jeory Daily Express, November 10, 2013

In a highly unusual accusation, John Hemming said lawyers for Jacque Courtnage colluded with Derbyshire County Council to prevent her analysing a document he believes would have cleared her of abuse allegations.

She and her husband have lost their two sons, now aged six and eight, for ever after a court ruled on the balance of probabilities they were responsible for harming their youngest when he was a baby.

They have never been arrested nor charged with any criminal offence due to lack of evidence.

Their heartbreaking story emerged in a Commons debate two months ago when Mr Hemming used Parliamentary privilege to name the mother and to make accusations against her lawyers and Derbyshire County Council.

He says the parents are the victims of a miscarriage of justice in the secret family court system.

Full article:




1: Lord Justice Thorpe said “There is nothing more serious than a removal hearing, because the parents are so prejudiced in proceedings thereafter.”

2: Lord Justice Wall (the former Senior family court judge) said that the determination of some social workers to place children in an "unsatisfactory care system" away from their families was "quite shocking".

3: In a separate case on which Sir Nicholas Wall also sat, Lord Justice Aikens described the actions of social workers in Devon as "more like Stalin's Russia or Mao's China than the West.

4: Lord Neuberger, president of the Supreme Court said that other than in exceptional circumstances judges should treat requests to hear cases in closed courts with ‘distaste and concern’. In a blow to ministers, Lord Neuberger said hearing evidence behind closed doors was ‘against the principle of justice’.

5: Baroness Hale (the only lady judge in the UK supreme court) said "Taking a child away from her family is a momentous step, not only for her, but for her whole family, and for the local authority which does so. In a totalitarian society, uniformity and conformity are valued. Hence the totalitarian state tries to separate the child from her family and mould her to its own design. Families in all their subversive variety are the breeding ground of diversity and individuality. In a free and democratic society we value diversity and individuality. Hence the family is given special protection in all the modern human rights instruments including the European Convention on Human Rights (art 8), the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (art 23) and throughout the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. As Justice McReynolds famously said in Pierce v Society of Sisters 268 US 510 (1925), at 535, 'The child is not the mere creature of the State'. "

Lady Hale: Dissenting judgement in the Supreme Court "B" a child.
143. This case raises some profound questions about the scope of courts' powers to take away children from their birth families when what is feared is, not physical abuse or neglect, but emotional or psychological harm. We are all frail human beings, with our fair share of unattractive character traits, which sometimes manifest themselves in bad behaviours which may be copied by our children. But the State does not and cannot take away the children of all the people who commit crimes, who abuse alcohol or drugs, who suffer from physical or mental illnesses or disabilities, or who espouse anti-social political or religious beliefs. (Baroness Hale of Richmond in B (Children), Re [2008] UKHL 35 (11 June)

6:-Courts are routinely removing children from their mothers into care after “cutting and pasting” the arguments put by social services and rubber-stamping them, a senior judge has warned.

Mrs Justice Pauffley said that she was “profoundly alarmed” at the discovery that family courts were effectively in cahoots with social services through such “clandestine arrangements”, which undermined the independence of the justice system. She added: “It is patently wrong, must stop at once and never happen again.”

The judge made her comments as she granted an appeal to return a baby to his mother in a case she described as “shocking".

7:-Pauffley J also expressed concern about a 'triage' assessment of the mother by a chartered clinical psychologist which was commissioned and completed during the course of the day before the first hearing. She said:

"It simply cannot be right, fair or reasonable to commission an expert to provide what may turn out to be the pivotal evidence justifying separation of a neonate from his mother in the way that happened here.

"It surprises and alarms me that Dr van Rooyen [the psychologist] was asked, and was prepared, to provide a report during the course of a single working day, a terrifyingly tight timeframe, and on the basis of papers supplemented by a telephone conversation with a local authority professional who had never met the mother. I struggle to understand how Dr van Rooyen's apparently firm opinions, adverse to the mother, could have been formed given the complete absence of any kind of discussion with her or, indeed, any communication with [the resource]."


We should also remember the wise words of Hedley J in Re L (Threshold Conditions) [2007] 1 FLR 2050:

"Many parents are hypochondriacs, many parents are criminals or benefit cheats, many parents discriminate against ethnic or sexual minorities, many parents support vile political parties or belong to unusual or militant religions. All of these follies are visited upon their children, who may well adopt or 'model' them in their own lives but those children could not be removed for those reasons."


 MUNBY LJ states,  "Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers." {Norfolk county Council v Webster & Ors 2006 EWCH 2733 Fam, para 27}

10:-Sir James Munby:-

The country’s top family judge has warned that moves to speed up adoption could lead to children being removed from their birth parents on flimsy evidence.

President of the Family Division Sir James Munby  described separating children from their families as a ‘last resort’ but said the current ‘sloppy practice’ meant that often ‘little more than lip service’ is given to other options.

In an unanimous judgment in Re B-S (Children) [2013] EWCA Civ 1146, the President said:

"We have real concerns, shared by other judges, about the recurrent inadequacy of the analysis and reasoning put forward in support of the case for adoption, both in the materials put before the court by local authorities and guardians and also in too many judgments. This is nothing new. But it is time to call a halt." [30]


What did the Minister for Children say in 2012 ?

The Children's Minister Edward Timpson said "the outcomes for children in care remain woeful.""For instance, we know that children in care are seven times more likely to misuse drugs and alcohol than others, 50 times more likely to end up in prison, 60 times more likely to become homeless and 66 times more likely to have children of their own who will need public care.

Unfortunately judges who are thought to be highly intelligent folk never look at the "obvious"

When they consider the cases of children with vaguely dysfunctional parents ,who perhaps shout at each other,have non violent problems with alcohol,or who have mild learning difficulties, and consign them  to so called "care ".They NEVER NEVER compare the terrible risks of "care" as shown above with the sometimes "negligible by comparison "risk of leaving them with their own parents.


Surely most children would have a better chance with their imperfect parents than with the far worse risk of "care"? 



Here are the official guidelines to proceedings in the family court -  but these are largely ignored by judges and social workers:




Tragedy of 4,000 babies placed on 'at risk' register... before they're born

  • New figures mark a 13per cent increase over two years deemed at risk of physical or emotional negligence
  • Campaigners said to put unborn children on register presumes parents will be negligent

By Martin Beckford and Stephen Adams


Thousands of babies are being put on ‘at risk’ registers by social workers before they are even born, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

And campaigners say the system is weighted to presume that parents will be unable to adequately care for their children.

New figures released under Freedom of Information laws show that more than 4,000 child protection plans – which are automatically implemented for those registered as at risk – were initiated last year in England for babies still in the womb, which represents a 13 per cent increase over two years. 

The figure for the UK as a whole is likely to be nearer 5,000, and hundreds of babies are being taken into care each year within days of birth.

Most put on the registers were deemed at risk of neglect or of physical or emotional abuse, while others were exposed to dangers associated with having parents who were drug addicts, alcoholics or had serious criminal convictions.

Child protection experts insist it is right to keep newborns away from potentially dangerous parents, and argue they have to be more cautious following cases such as the death of Baby P, later named as Peter Connelly, and four-year-old Daniel Pelka, who was starved and beaten by his mother and her lover, finally dying of a severe head injury.

But opponents of the system say that it presumes guilt and that social workers are removing children to cover their own backs. 

John Hemming, a Lib Dem MP and vocal critic of the fostering and adoption process, said: ‘There can be good reasons to put an unborn child on a child protection plan.

'But the system can lead to the wrongful removal of very young babies for all sorts of strange reasons. Once children are removed, only about 20 per cent go back to their parents.’


He continued: ‘With child protection, not every case is a Baby P case. But I know that social workers have been fired for saying that a child should go home to its parents. If you put them under that sort of pressure, they are going to say the child should be adopted.’

Ian Josephs, who provides informal legal advice to parents, said: ‘These parents are being punished without committing a crime. In the family courts, they are guilty until proven innocent.’

A child may be put on a protection register if doctors or social workers fear for its safety. The parents are invited to discuss the matter but do not have to be present for the child to be placed on the register. No court order is needed

1:- Statements from the local authority are shown to the judge but rarely to parents.Family and friends of parents are routinely excluded from the court but groups of social workers are allowed to stay in the court to listen to their colleague's testimony whether they are witnesses or not.
2:- Parents representing themselves are denied the opportunity to cross examine witnesses appearing against them.Judgements,reports from experts,and position statements are either witheld or given to parents at the last minute (too late to read and analyse them properly).
3:- Parents are routinely refused permission to call for a second opinion when "experts" and Doctors have testified against them.If parents record contacts with their children, or interviews with experts or social workers judges routinely refuse permission for these recordings to be heard yet they always allow recordings and video evidence to be heard if produced by police or social workers.
4:-Parents whose children have been taken are routinely and wrongly told that they may not talk to ANYONE (except lawyers and social workers) about their case.
5:-Parents are threatened with jail if they protest publlcly when their children are taken.They are also jailed for "breach of the peace" or "harassment" if they dare to trace and then contact their own children after adoption.Parents are therefore" twice gagged" contrary to the Human Rights Act ,Article 10 entitling all persons "freedom of expression",ie freedom of speech.
6:-Local authority barristers in court often read out statements from absent persons as though they are themselves witnesses but they cannot be questioned.
7:- Most solicitors refuse to let their clients speak and then agree to all care orders demanded by social services.They tell the hapless parents "it is better not to oppose the interim care order ,but to wait for the final hearing",ignoring the position set out below (in red) where L.J.Thorpe makes it very clear that the parents are so prejudiced by the proceedings thereafter that it is "very difficult to get a child back" after a removal hearing.
8:-Judges routinely castigate parents who wish to speak or who represent themselves even though they have the right to do so;Their evidence and their arguments are usually ignored in the judgements.
9;-Parents representing themselves are often given an hour or two's notice to appear in court but solicitors are given weeks !
10:-Parents are punished for "risk" ie not what they have done but for what they might do in the future! "Risk of emotional abuse" is favourite because there is no legal definition of this and it is usually impossible for parents to defend themselves against "predictions" by so called "experts" who are often unqualified (20% according to the latest report by professor Ireland commissioned by the government!)
11:-Judges give social workers the power to withold parents' contact with their children" in care" as a punishment for saying they love them and miss them or that they are fighting to get them back .Foreign children are forbidden to speak their own language with their parents or relatives,mobile phones are confiscated,and children in care are denied these basic rights that are however accorded to murderers and rapists in prison!They use this power to gag parents and force them into complete submission !
12:-Parents are in effect condemned for offences against their children on "probabilities" 51% instead of beyond reasonable doubt.They can be acquitted in the high court and,the appeal court,and even when all charges have been dropped by the police social services can overule all those bodies and condemn parents on 51% probability (nearly half the time they could be wrong!) and take their children into care with a view to forced adoption.
13:-Parents who were themselves in care or who were abused in childhood are often judged unfit to be parents as a result.Their past misdemeanours whether real or alleged, such as shoplifting,or destruction of property (often 10 years ago or more) are inevitably used against them in court (even when a criminal court has acquitted them !) to prove them unfit parents.This would be illegal in a criminal court.
14:-Parents often forfeit their children for "failing to engage with professionals"The very persons who tell them and their neighbours that the children will never be returned !
15:-Parents faced with forced adoption lose their children for life, without being allowed a hearing by jury.
16:-Under the UN Convention on children's rights,and a recent Supreme Court case (W a child), children have a RIGHT to be heard in court but are usually denied that right.
17:-Solicitors routinely tell client parents to either agree or to take a neutral position in regard to interim care orders or they risk losing later and maybe never seeing their children again.A lie !
18:-Social workers are legally obliged to place children with relatives if possible but either ignore this or find pretexts to fail them on assessments
19:-Human rights to free speech and freedom of movement are breached by gagging orders, confiscating passports,and even "prohibited steps" that limit parent's movements and can force them to remain in the same flat or house indefinitely !
20:-The Children Act specifically instructs social workers to reunite families wherever possible and to place children removed from their parents with relatives.In practice couples are urged to separate,to quit their jobs and go on benefits so as to keep awkward contact times with their children and to be free to meet social workers etc for meetings whenever summoned to do so.Relatives including grandparents,aunts,and uncles are set aside to be "assessed" and are more often than not failed on the grounds that they are too friendly with the parents or maybe had a difficult past 10 years ago, or more simply that they are too old in their forties or fifties even though this does not apply to fosterers .Theory and practice are a long way apart in our family courts;
Family torn apart in 15-minute court case by Judge James Orrell ...

Lord Justice Thorpe said on Appeal "I am completely aghast at this case.There is nothing more serious than a removal hearing,because the parents are so prejudiced in proceedings thereafter.Once you have lost a child it is very difficult to get a child back." The hearing above lasted only 15 minutes after a doctor "expressed the opinion" that bruising in the ear of one of the three children looked as though it was caused by pinching .The parents were not allowed to give any evidence!Their three children had all been forcibly removed until they were ordered to be returned by Lord Justice Thorpe on appeal.

The secrecy in family courts will not be lifted simply because L.J Munby now decides that” judgements will in future be published unless there are compelling reasons not to do so" .Who decides the reasons? Why the judges of course !Since the families will still not be named in these judgements these judgements will for most people be difficult to identify and locate.They will even if located simply say what the judge has decided but will not give details of what actually happened in the court.

The justice dealt out  by family courts will still be vastly inferior to that of the criminal courts until the two are bound by the same rules

In my opinion,that is precisely what should happen.

I make 12 points to illustrate:- The modernisation needed but so far not forthcoming is as follows:-

1:-There should be a presumption that parents who plead in court for the return of their children taken into care should succeed unless it is conclusively proved beyond reasonable doubt to be against the child’s best interests.

2:- A parent who has not committed a crime against mother,child,or children in general should never be forbidden contact.

3:- Hearsay evidence ,even from “experts” should never be preferred to that from persons in the witness box.

4:- Parents should be allowed to call witnesses to court unless their statements provided in advance are already accepted as true by the local authority.

5:-Close relatives of parents should always be admitted to the family courts.

6:- Closed adoption should never take place without parental consent.

7:- Long term fostercare(until age 18) should only be ordered if approved by a jury.

8:- Competent children of age 8 + who wish to give evidence in court should be allowed to do so

9:- Children’s conversation with parents at contact should never be censored and mobile phones should not be confiscated.

10;-Children should never be removed purely for emotional harm or the risk of it . They should only be removed if a criminal offence has been committed

11:-Parents whose children have been taken by social services should have the right to protest to the media using their own names.No judges should have the power to issue orders gagging persons concerned in a case before them preventing them from making public their grievances. 

12:- Parents who report abuse (sexual or physical) on themselves or their children should not be penalised if disbelieved without solid proof that they had lied.

Munby offers words but no actions or legal changes.He does however say this ;"I repeat what I said in Harris v Harris,Attorney--General v Harris (2001) 2 FLR895, paras (360)--(369), about the importance in a free society of parents who feel aggrieved at their experiences of the family justice system being able to express their views publicly about what they conceive to be failings on the part of individual judges or failings in the judicial system.And the same goes of course,for criticism of local authorities and others."
He agrees with the right to protest but suggests no way of enforcing it on other judges who still issue gagging orders.



PUNISHMENT WITHOUT CRIME must be wrong yet literally hundreds of mothers are having their babies confiscated at birth by social workers for “ risk of emotional abuse”.Compliant judges also find “on the balance of probabilities”(51%) that parents have neglected or abused their children or even coached them to make false accusations of abuse against the other parent ! . These judges then rubberstamp social service applications for forced adoption or long term fostercare. Mothers are frequently jailed for contempt of the secret family court if they protest to the media or in any other way publicly that their babies have been taken for no good reason.Other parents with no addictions or criminal records are jailed for merely contacting their own children in defiance of orders made by family court judges.As mentioned earlier, 

The National Fostering and Adoption agency founded by two social workers a few years ago was recently sold to Graphite (a tough American company) for £130 million !Adoption agencies ,fostering agencies and fostering families,family court lawyers, social services,and a corps of medical experts together form a billion pound industry that profits from splitting up families instead of reuniting them in accordance with the Children Act 1989.


At present parents in family courts can be found “on balance of probabilities (51%)” as a FACT to have injured or neglected, or to be a “risk” to a child even when charges have been  dropped .Parents are routinely refused the right to call their own witnesses or to choose their own experts to testify.Children are placed for forced adoption in spite of  emphatic opposition from the parents on the decision of magistrates or a judge without a jury.Older children taken into care have mobile phones and laptops confiscated and are isolated from family and friends and ask in vain “what have we done wrong?Any contact with parents is supervised and censored so that no expressions of love “missing you and want you home” are allowed and neither is discussion of “the case”.

CRIMINAL COURTS however rule that those before them are innocent until proved guilty beyond reasonable doubt . Those before them have the right to protest publicly, call witnesses ,medical experts,and a decision by jury in the most serious cases ;

Criminals have the right to make phone calls and receive visitors without censorship and the press can publish details of court proceedings unless State secrets are involved.

If all the above checks and balances of the criminal court applied to the family courts most of the present injustices and unnecessary family breakups would be eliminated..


1 :- NO more gagging orders on children or parents .


2 :-NO more “ Punishment without crime “


3:-NO  more “Forced Adoption”


4:-NO more censorship of children or parents.

5:-NO more children taken into care for "risk" or for emotional abuse. 

I can only repeat that there should be “NO PUNISHMENT WITHOUT CRIME”
Parents who have committed no crime can lose their children for the rest of their lives
Children who have committed no crime lose their birth parents and after complete isolation from family and friends are either handed over to strangers or left in” care “.About half those children eventually end up in prison or as prostitutes or both.
There is to my knowledge no other example where mothers in particular declared innocent by a court of law can nevertheless receive from our family courts the worst possible punishment they could possibly suffer short of execution:the confiscation of their babies at birth;a life sentence resulting sometimes in suicide;following what for them is a virtual death sentence .This must STOP …….


Here's another earlier video of me explaining my position on forced adoption.




Well they used to say "Justice must not only be done but must be seen to  be done"A cardinal principle of the rule of law.

Modern UK judges have ruthlessly discarded this principle and threaten with "jail for contempt" any person claiming to be the victim of unjust decisions in the private/secret family courts if they dare to protest publicly.

Thes judges are devoted to just one thing :- THE COVER UP !!


EXAMPLES?  Here are three:-

1:- Hundreds of mothers with no criminal records or substance addictions have their babies snatched at birth for “risk of emotional abuse” .If they protest publicly they are threatened with jail for “contempt” by  judges concerned only with protecting the “system” by a “COVER UP” of gross injustices to mothers.


2:-Parents involved in both public and private law cases, who have no criminal records or substance addictions are frequently served with orders by judges that they shall not communicate with their own children face to face,by telephone,email,text,or post under pain of imprisonment.Such judges are concerned only with protecting the system by a COVER UP of gross injustices to both children and parents and abuses of children in care.


3:-Elderly persons are declared incompetent by social workers with no medical qualifications so that they can be removed by force from their own homes or those of relatives to be placed in highly expensive care homes ,their own houses sold and their bank accounts looted to pay for their lawyers and their keep.Judges once again issue orders that no details of the plight of these individuals shall be made public.A COVER UP of gross injustices to the elderly;


What excuse do the judges make for the COVER UP ?


Well  Article 10 of the Human Rights Act guarantees freedom of expression,ie Freedom of speech….. However Article 8 guarantees “the right to a private family life undisturbed by public authority”;The legislators clearly intended this last measure to protect the family from interference from the State.Unfortunately, perverse UK judges have turned this measure on its head and used it to protect the State from aggrieved families!They do this by threatening them with jail for violating the privacy of their own children and elderly relatives if they dare to expose the injustices inflicted on them by judges intent on enforcing a COVER UP;

These same judges reveal themselves as hypocrites when they throw “privacy” out of the window by allowing children to be advertised for adoption in the Daily Mirror,”Be my parent,” and similar publications with first names,dates of birth,and colour photos with no regard to the privacy of the children or the distress of parents seeing their children offered to the public for selection like pedigree dogs….

Judges who jail victims of the Court of Protection or the Family courts for protesting publicly about  injustices should be jailed themselves for breaching the Human Right of Free Expression of their victims.(Article 10) Judges who are more concerned with protecting their own reputation and the system rather  than offering open justice should be locked up for a very long time. Nazi judges at Nuremburg were condemned for much the same reasons; Decisions taken in secret that caused crimes against humanity. UK judges destroy families , new born babies and young children are taken from  parents for "risk of emotional abuse", squads of police remove children from their beds at 6am, these children are put with fosterers paid £400+ per week , social workers isolate them from family and friends by confiscating mobile phones and laptops, elderly people are snatched from their family carers , their bank accounts are looted and their houses sold,All this IN SECRET! These judges should be JAILED

Every now and then Parliament debates the treatment of children and parents in the UK and passes new legislation ostensibly to preserve the family unit.

 No matter what laws are passed, the judges retain the power to exclude parents from their children’s lives by “non molestation orders”or simple injunctions pronounced in court, forbidding all contact face to face , by email ,facebook,telephone or post etc.They combine this with injunctions that threaten these parents with prison if they talk about their case to anybody or reveal the existence of the injunction itself so that few people if any know who the “victims” of these orders are.
Doug and Sarah Sinclair .. …….

THE INJUSTICES IN UK FAMILY COURTS:-In the UK newborn babies are routinely removed at birth from non-addictive mothers with no criminal records for "risk of future emotional abuse". Children are also taken because one parent is said to be “a violent partner” even when the violence is verbal .Social Services force couples to separate to keep their children,but even after that the court will frequently rule that there is still a risk and all the children are taken into care. If a child suffers a minor injury or bruise the parents are often deemed to be responsible (guilty unless proved innocent). The parents have the almost impossible task of “proving a negative” on the balance of probabilities (51%) even when there has been no previous history of other injuries. Cluttered houses, absences from school, untidy clothes or failure to engage with professionals can all result in permanent loss of children. The mothers of newborn babies removed from the hospital cannot protest publicly .They risk being jailed for violating the privacy of their own babies if they do !. Grandparents are routinely refused as carers without specified reasons contrary to the Children Act 1989.

Judges in secret family courts closed to the public and parent's family members,( with draconian reporting restrictions for any reporter allowed in) ,order babies to be placed for adoption by strangers on the basis of reports by social workers that rely heavily on hearsay and are often never shown to parents at all plus dire predictions of hired experts who regularly appear in court to forecast the danger parents will be to their children. Adopted children are gone for ever even if injustices are found later. The Human Rights Act gives to all the right to a private life undisturbed by the State, a clause clearly drafted to protect families from an intrusive State. British judges however turn it on its head and say that any public protest by parents who have had children taken is a violation of their own children’s privacy and therefore punishable by imprisonment. Once a child is freed for adoption however hypocritical judges allow privacy to go out of the window as the Daily Mirror and other periodicals are allowed to advertise children “seeking new parents” complete with photographs, birthdates ,and first names making them easily recognizable to neighbours and friends of parents.

Older children taken into care have their mobile phones and laptops confiscated to isolate them from family and friends. Parents are usually at first allowed limited supervised contact sessions providing they sign an undertaking not to discuss "the case" ,the possibility of their children returning home, any abuse by fosterers or social workers (when children complain of this),not to talk any foreign language (even if the children do not speak English very well), and must not be over affectionate and loving ! Completely innocent children are treated worse than murderers and rapists in jail as even the most hardened prisoners under maximum security are allowed to phone out and discuss what they like with visiting relatives without censorship.Even in private law cases once social services back one parent against the other in custody disputes stern judges frequently make orders forbidding all contact with the children for the losing parent;No judge should have the power to do this to any sane parent with no criminal record .Parents breaking such orders have been jailed for up to 3 years for talking to a child,or even sending a birthday card,ringing a doorbell,or waving in the street.Foreign children often on holiday in the UK with their parents are taken into care for a slap or other trivial offence and routinely refused permission to return home to be dealt with by social services in their own countries.

Principal Categories for the abusing of parents and the elderly by the ss:-
1:- Taking babies at birth for "risk of emotional abuse" then given to strangers for forced adoption.
2:-Foreign children forbidden to return home and kept in uk at public expense.
3:- Mother abused by partner who has since left but she still loses children.
4:-Mother has abusive partner so she leaves and finds new  gentle partner  gets pregnant but loses baby !
5:-One single injury to one child (often due to brittle bones) and parents still lose children to forced adoption
6:- Children in care isolated ,lap tops and mobiles conficated , conversation censored with parents at contact
7:-Judges put "injunctions" on parents jailing them for waving,leaving Xmas cards, speaking to their children, etc
8:-Elderly persons taken from relatives ,put in nursing homes ,house sold ,bank accounts looted !
9:- Parents sign section 20 (voluntary care) on promise of early return of kids that is never kept !
10:-Lawyers (professional losers) and court appointed "experts" who always agree with social workers.
11:-Children have legal right to be heard but guardian "speaks for them " saying they don't want to see parent
12:-Human Rights Act ( 8 ) gives everyone the right to private family life undisturbed by public authority but UK judges jail parents who protest to the media when their children are taken for breaching their privacy! 

Why do those responsible act like this? Well birds of a feather flock together!L.J.Thorpe in open court stated that taking a child was a very serious business as the parents were so prejudiced in subsquent proceedings that it was very difficult to obtain the return of a child.

Family torn apart in 15-minute court case by Judge James Orrell ...

 Experts back up social workers who are in turn supported by judges ,guardians and judges as those who live by the system club together to cover up its defects. There is for some also a financial angle as the sale of the National Fostering Agency(founded by two social workers) for £130million indicates reasons for resisting any changes to the system. Some just make a good living ,others make exorbitant profits ! Judges are not corrupt just cautious as overruling social services leaves them open to severe press criticism if anything goes wrong whilst if social services win the case and something goes wrong they take the blame not judges who therefore tend to prefer evidence of social workers to that of parents when the two conflict.

Surely we should return to a system where the family courts are bound by the same rules as the criminal courts which do allow the “accused” to call witnesses, call children, cross examine those giving hostile testimony and benefit from a jury in the most serious cases Also we should forbid the gagging of parents who protest when children are taken and stop controling what parents and children say to each other at contact sessions.

These are radical changes that cannot happen overnight,so what can we demand for the immediate present? There should be an immediate law passed saying that all parents who have not committed a crime against a child should be allowed contact at least once a year with their children whether they have been adopted,put into State care,or are in the custody of the other parent.The real wickedness is to deprive parents and children from contact with each other permanently and THAT MUST STOP !

What are the main differences between the UK social workers who are so reviled and those of our continental neighbours who are not?

Punishments without crime.

1:- Forced adoption.Parents who have never hurt children physically can lose them for life !An absurd and "over the top" reaction usually to minor problems.


2:- Babies snatched at birth for “risk of emotional abuse” .


3:-Parents who are gagged (by threats of prison) to prevent them complaining publicly naming themselves and those they believe have wronged them. 


4 :-Parents are censored at contact,forbidden to speak any foreign language with their foreign children,and forbidden to mention “the case” or the possibility of coming home.This leaves bewildered children thinking their parents don't want them to come home. 


5:- Parents who have never been accused of physically harming their children are often forbidden by injunction from contacting their children and have been jailed for sending Xmas or birthday cards or even waving at them passing by in a car ! 


6:-The SS often arrive with at least 3 or 4 police in the middle of the night ,wake up the children who have never been in any physical danger, and drag them off screaming for their mothers who they can see forcibly restrained.

7:- The SS confiscate children's mobile phones and laptops to isolate them from family and friends ;unlike murderers and rapists who are allowed phone calls and uncensored visits. 

8:- During "contact sessions" conversations between relatives and children are strictly censored.No mention of the case or coming home is allowed or contact is stopped;  Foreign languages are forbiden even to foreign children !

These children are thus led to believe their parents do not want them to come home and this can alienate them. 


Generally speaking,these are features of British life that rarely if ever occur on the continent



My name is IAN JOSEPHS.I repeat again,UK Social services have never hurt me, my family, or my friends, but their wicked abuse of power has simply shocked me into action!"Forced adoption" too often legally deprives healthy,happy,children from all contact with their loving parents,brothers,sisters,grandparents,and other relatives for the rest of their lives! The UK is the ONLY country in Europe(apart from Croatia and perhaps Portugal) to tolerate "forced adoption" (adoption of children against the will of the parents).

Adoption is a wonderful thing for abandoned and neglected children if it is TRULY VOLUNTARY but is a wicked deed that should be severely punished if forced through the courts against the will and frantic opposition of loving parents.Worse still these parent VICTIMS are ruthlessly gagged !!Yes,here in the UK secret courts jail parents who dare to protest publicly when social workers take their babies at birth and arrange for them to be adopted by strangers.ONLY in the UK and NOWHERE ELSE IN THE WHOLE WORLD do they GAG parents whose children have been" confiscated"Some "lucky" mothers who discovered where their adopted children were living have been jailed for ringing the doorbell,waving at the children in the street, or sending them a Xmas card (three real cases ,and 3 mothers jailed!)on the grounds that they were undermining the forced adoption and committing a breach of the peace   

Forgive me if I repeat myself too often in this "exposé" of the "SS" and the family courts,but the average person simply cannot believe that such things happen in "democratic Britain".Well,believe me they do! Repetition is necessary to reinforce your belief !

The UK is the ONLY country in Europe (apart from Croatia and perhaps Portugal) to tolerate the barbaric practice of forced adoption.The severing of all contact FOR LIFE  between children and their birth parents .In effect a LIFE sentence without the opportunity of being heard by a jury, often imposed on parents who have committed no crime but who are said to be a risk to their children following predictions by overpaid charlatans working closely with the local authority.
Yes the UK family courts then mete out "PUNISHMENT WITHOUT CRIME" The ONLY people in the UK who are punished without crime are parents whose children have been "confiscated" not by the hundreds but by the thousands; many because they  are said to be "at risk" of emotional abuse!. Yes Emotional abuse does exist but it can never be serious enough to justify breaking up a family and giving away children to be adopted by strangers.The Family Courts presume parents once accused by social services, are guilty of abusing or neglecting their children unless they can prove their innocence (which rarely happens !). 
 Even worse the UK is the ONLY country in the world to GAG parents who wish to protest publicly when their children are taken.
The right of all citizens to protest publicly against what they perceive to be oppression by the State is what separates democracy from tyranny.
Long may it remain so !

Are there really parents who are punished by the State when they have committed no crimes?? YES !!The ONLY people in the UK who suffer this injustice are parents whose children are taken away after so called "experts" make predictions of the future such as "risk of emotional abuse".Most mothers would receive better and fairer treatment from the court if they killed their children (and benefited from the protection of criminal procedure) rather than tangle with the cold ferocity that demolishes 99.75%(judicial statistics) of the unfortunate parents who appear before the stern "establishment" judges  sitting in our UK family courts.In other European countries such as France,Spain,and Italy,where "the family" is almost "sacred" they just cannot believe the barbarity of social workers in the UK  when they take newborn babies from their mothers for "risk of emotional abuse",a concept completely unknown on the continent .Indeed the whole idea of "emotional abuse" is met with incredulity! 

I think perhaps the worst thing in the care system is the way children in the 8-15 age group are treated when they are taken into “care” .Their mobile phones are confiscated and when applicable so are their laptops.They are isolated from their friends,parents,grandparents and even sometimes their siblings.No communication of any kind is permitted and when parents are finally allowed to visit in cold impersonal contact centres all conversation is strictly censored so that no mention can be made of the court case,why they are here and what chances they have of returning home.No complaint by children of sexual or physical abuse by foster families or social workers is allowed.No weeping and no excessive affection can be shown .Any breach of these and countless other rules in the “contact agreement “parents are obliged to sign, and contact will be stopped at once and sometimes for good .These children are treated worse than murderers and rapists in prison because those criminals at least are allowed to make phone calls and can discuss what they like with visitors whilst children who have done nothing wrong can do neither ! No wonder these unfortunate children wonder if they are evil or if they have done something terribly wicked.Only the cold and utterly heartless would inflict such cruel indignities on innocent children.

What about disputes between parents over the custody of their children?(Private law)Only too often the "SS" and Cafcass are brought in,and the consequences are drastic indeed !Judges tend to take the same side and adopt the same attitudes as the "SS". Consequently, the punishment meted out to the losing parent is nothing short of disgraceful.....  

The real disgrace however, is not so much the initial conduct of the courts dealing with parents disputes, or disputes by parents with the local authority, as the “aftermath”.Vindictive injuctions are granted forbidding the losing parent( whether mother or father) from all contact with their child or children until those children are 18 year of age. This happens to my personal knowledge to drug and alcohol free parents with no criminal records who have never been accused let alone charged with any criminal act against their children.
Parents have been jailed for sending a birthday card,leaving an Xmas present on a doorstep,waving at children as they passed by in a car, and of course 3 years for Vicky Haig for talking to her daughter at a petrol station even though she had not seen her for a year !
These judges belong to the Victorian age except that instead of hanging thieves they now pick on desperate defenceless non criminal parents who they dislike but who should always be allowed some form of supervised contact no matter what the circumstances .What about “Baby P” you cry??Well believe it or not his witch of a mother has been allowed contact with her surviving children whilst still serving time in jail

 The three essential reforms we need are:-

1:- Freedom of SPEECH for parents  AND children at all times.

2:- Final hearings to be heard by JURIES

3:-An end to the Punishment of parents who have not committed any CRIME. 

The link below takes you to a typical grandmother who has suffered outrageous persecution from the "SS" but is fighting back ...AND HOW !! 

The Silent Witnesses.

Christopher Booker of The Sunday Telegraph

Christopher Booker of The Sunday Telegraph
Christopher Booker

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Forced adoptions get no sympathy from the ministry.
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Forced adoption: another win for the child snatchers.
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Refugees flee the tyranny of social workers.
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Child protection: MPs must act on the scandal of seized children.
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Family torn apart in 15-minute court case by Judge James Orrell ...  Lord Justice Thorpe said on Appeal "I am completely aghast at this case.There is nothing more serious than a removal hearing,because the parents are so prejudiced in proceedings thereafter.Once you have lost a child it is very difficult to get a child back." The hearing above lasted only 15 minutes after a doctor "expressed the opinion" that bruising in the ear of one of the three children looked as though it was caused by pinching .The parents were not allowed to give any evidence!Their three children had all been forcibly removed until they were ordered to be returned by Lord Justice Thorpe . 

(Extract from the TIMES April13th 2010)

"Lord Justice Wall (The Senior family court judge) said that the determination of some social workers to place children in an "unsatisfactory care system" away from their families was "quite shocking".In a separate case on which Sir Nicholas Wall also sat, Lord Justice Aikens described the actions of social workers in Devon as "more like Stalin's Russia or Mao's China than the West 

 1:- The UK is the ONLY State in the WORLD that gags parents whose children have been taken by social services

 2:- The UK is the ONLY State in Europe (except Croatia and possibly Portugal) to permit the horror of "forced adoption".

 3:-The UK is the ONLY State in Europe to allow "Punishment without crime" ie the taking of children by social services from sane parents who have not committed any criminal offence.

 4:- The UK is the ONLY State in Europe taking children for "emotional abuse" and worse still "risk of emotional abuse"

 5:- The UK is the ONLY State in Europe to censor conversations between parents and children in care.They cannot get emotional or discuss the court case.If they do contact can be stopped for good.Children’s mobiles and laptops are confiscated “in care” to isolate them and stop them speaking with parents or friends

 All the above practices must be made “illegal” and family courts should be ruled by the criminal court system ,”innocent until proved guilty”and “hearings by jury” before children are taken for ever .

The solution is so simple,"Stop punishment without crime" ! Stop taking children from parents who have not committed any crime and stop jailing parents who complain publicly when their children are taken for no good reason .Horrific crimes are overlooked because damaged children make poor adoption material ;Other parents have their children removed for risk ie they are punished not for something they have done but for something some "expert" (with a crystal ball?) thinks they might do in the future ! Like arresting someone looking in the window of a jeweller's in case they went inside to steal something ! PUNISHMENT WITHOUT CRIME is barbaric and no parents should have their children removed unless they have committed a crime such as being drunk or drugged up in charge of a child or injuring,it or not feeding it for example.Children taken for "risk" ? It's a bad joke and it's the children who suffer.

We should remember the wise words of Hedley J in Re L (Threshold Conditions) [2007] 1 FLR 2050:

"Many parents are hypochondriacs, many parents are criminals or benefit cheats, many parents discriminate against ethnic or sexual minorities, many parents support vile political parties or belong to unusual or militant religions. All of these follies are visited upon their children, who may well adopt or 'model' them in their own lives but those children could not be removed for those reasons."

Read more:

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 The free thinking voice Radio Show the earth needs rebels every Wednesday  friday and sunday   on  in the uk.


Shut Up While We Steal Your Family and Property, October 17, 2012

Richard Browning-Smith was hospitalized in 2009 for foot surgery. He spent some time recuperating in Horkesley Manor care home in Essex England, where social workers, without a medical diagnosis, decided he was unable to look after himself. He went to a bus stop on his own to get home, but social workers took him back by force and held him in the dementia unit. His son Richard Jr was out of the country at the time. But on his return, he tried to get his father, still able to solve crosswords and play chess, back home. Social workers complained about the condition of the father's home, so Richard Jr arranged to spend £60,000 on renovations. When Richard took his father home from Horkesley Manor, police arrived to take him back, but as there was no custody order in place, they left without taking dad. But a few weeks later Horkesley Manor completed the legal formalities and retrieved him. A year into the ordeal, Horkesley became the deputy of Richard Sr, what is called a guardian in other places. They got full control of his assets, including his bank accounts. Soon Richard Jr had to pay rent to live in what had been the family home for 50 years and his family heirlooms are in storage waiting to be auctioned.

Richard Jr has fought back through the courts, reaching the European Court of Human Rights. He has also drawn public attention to the case. Two newspaper articles are enclosed. A judge has ordered Richard Jr to avoid naming a council official, court officials or anything to do with the Court of Protection either through the press or social network sites, while warning that violation could result in three to six months in jail. On this coming November 2 the court will conduct a hearing on Richard Jr's capacity to litigate. This is a British procedure for getting rid of recalcitrant opponents by declaring them unfit to conduct their own litigation. A lapdog gets appointed in their place to concede everything the opponent wants. Mr Browning-Smith knows English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Latin and French. Doesn't sound incompetent.

This is the familiar story of a child abducted and placed in foster care to justify a claim on the public treasury. In the Browning-Smith case, it is at the other end of life, and the father's estate may be part of the temptation.

Because of the threats against Richard Jr, we won't mention the source for these paragraphs.

Estate of Denial The USA IS EVEN WORSE !!

U.S. moves to crush internal dissent

Posted: 10 Apr 2014 10:37 PM PDT

In yet another legal maneuver to shut down dissent, the attorney disciplinary board in the State of Illinois has suspended Chicago-based activist attorney Kenneth Ditkowsky’s license to practice law for four years, following a hearing where Ditkowsky’s right to speak out against corruption in the courts featured center-stage.

Ditkowsky, who has been practicing law since the early 1960s, came to public attention after he became outspoken against what he calls “elder cleansing,” which is taking place in guardianship programs in courts throughout the United States. Ditkowsky has been sending emails to public officials, including Attorney General Eric Holder and US Senator Matt Kirk on a regular basis, asking for an “honest and complete investigation” of reported abuses going on under the mantle of adult guardianships.

Ditkowsky has defined “elder cleansing” as a three step process: First, a court must assert its dominion over an elder person’s life and assets by appointing a guardian. Ditkowsky has detailed instances, such as in the Mary Sykes guardianship, where legal process was not adhered to. Second, the elder is systematically isolated from concerned family and friends and his assets pilfered by the very guardian who is in place to conserve the estate. The final stage of elder cleansing, according to Ditkowsky, occurs when the elder, now isolated and placed into a facility, is drugged to death.

Ditkowsky was placed under disciplinary proceedings by the IARDC (Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission), after his repeated allegations of attorney and judicial misconduct in the guardianship of Mary G. Sykes, Alice Gore and others began to apparently become an irritant. At one point, Ditkowsky was asked by IARDC attorney Leah Black if he were not “sorry” for his emails asking for an investigation into these cases.

Mary G. Sykes has been isolated from family and friends for several years. A number of valuable assets, including old gold and silver coins, have reportedly disappeared during the tenure of the guardianship. In another guardianship matter, Alice Gore had her teeth mined for gold fillings, which were removed on order of the guardian.

Ditkowsky has pledged to continue on the fight against elder cleansing. In another one of his widely disseminated emails following his receipt of notice of suspension from the practice of law, Ditkowsky stated the following….

henceforth my full time efforts will be directed toward the fight to prevent ‘elder cleansing’ and the WAR AGAINST THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED that our miscreant abusive guardians and those who work in concert with them – i.e. the political royals, Jerome Larkin and the IARDC, etc. The Supreme Court of Illinois affirmed the IARDC and ruled that the First Amendment to the Illinois Constitution has been abrogated.

The State of Illinois appears to have adopted a “take no prisoners” policy against dissident attorneys. However, the very IARDC attorneys who prosecuted Ditkowsky’s license have failed to file their mandated financial disclosure forms. These forms are to be filed to ensure that those in government are not receiving bribes and payoffs in return for their official duties. In other words, the law of the State of Illinois apparently does not apply to those working for government.

In concert with another Illinois attorney, JoAnne Denison, Ken Ditkowsky has filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal court, alleging that his First Amendment rights have been breached. JoAnne Denison is also on trial for her bar license for the act of running a blog - - which is critical of judges and other legal professionals as relates to the practice of elder law and guardianship.

Ken Ditkowsky’s writings have been regularly featured on Denison’s blog. Denison has also filed a copyright infringement suit, based on what she alleges to be improper dominion by the IARDC over the blog.

At stake here is more than the individual careers of a couple of attorneys. When individuals are censured for what is considered to be Constitutionally protected speech, the public at large suffers, as well. Writes JoAnne Denison,

As you are aware, the greatest weapons in this country counter to a dictatorship and tyranny are undoubtedly the right to petition freely and openly our government for redress, and when that fails, our right to take unresolved grievances to be aired in the media.

In one fell swoop, the IARDC takes away these rights.

As attorneys, we cannot call a spade a spade, a pig with lipstick becomes a lady, and words such as “corrupt”, “tortfeasor”, civil and human rights violations, theft, conversion, embezzlement, false imprisonment are swiftly taken away from our blogs, then the public is not warned.”

At the time of going to press, blogger Roger Shuler has been sitting in jail for five months in Alabama, due to a “prior restraint” issue. is being sued by the Governor of Louisianna, Bobby Jindal, for a billboard which states that Jindal’s acts as Governor resulted in the denial of Medicaid coverage for 242,000 people. Yet another arrest warrant has been issued for an outspoken probate court victim, this time out in Logan County, Ohio. The arrest warrant for Rosanna Miller is for failure to pay a couple of grand in court costs. However, the law prohibits jailing someone for a debt in Ohio.

A large reaper appears to be at play, cutting down and silencing activists, attorneys and non-attorneys alike. Anyone who speaks out appears to be at risk. The use of the legal system as an instrument of (domestic) war has resulted in the coining of a new word, “lawfare,” which aptly describes the sorts of assaults on rights and freedoms such as noted herein.

As summed up by Ken Ditkowsky, “According to our brethren who regulate Attorney conduct noticing the ‘elder cleansing’ is unethical, and if you speak concerning it you are a danger to the profession and you will be suspended or disbarred.”

And in an impassioned moment, JoAnne Denison writes comparing the guardianship programs with the T-4 program in Hitler’s Germany:

It was not until late in the T4 program and by then the concentration camp program was in full swing that a German Cardinal finally read aloud a letter protesting forced euthanasia and reaffirming the sanctity of life that protests began among German catholics and the letter was read aloud in all the German churches eventually and protests in German started to take off. But by then it was simply too late. A deeply entrenched machine had already flourished for years. Jews and other undesireables were already being sent to their deaths by the bus loads.

Only the end of the war would stop this machine.

So I stand here today and I will trash my law license so that this T4 program with grandma and grandpa will go no further. Many have gone to the ARDC, the federal and state authorities with credible cases and plenty of evidence and were completely ignored. T4 was implemented, condoned and covered up by attorneys in the Drabik and Gore cases. Remember, T4 started with infants. Our seniors are just as vulnerable. 

Just say NO to T4 in the US. Say NO to involuntary euthanasia for elders. Say NO to elder cleansing and elder trafficking. Whatever you call it, it’s just plain wrong and people, and especially attorneys must blog and must protest.

Neither Jim Grogan, the press spokesman for the IARDC, nor Jim Tybor, press contact for the Illinois Supreme Court, responded to queries from this reporter as to why the ARDC attorneys had not filed their financial disclosure forms.


US Moves to Crush Internal Dissent
Janet Phelan
March 28, 2014
Activist Post

Here are some really appalling statistics for you.  If a Social Worker decides your child should be taken into care,do you think you stand a chance? Look at these figures from the England and Wales Judicial statistics.  Look at 2004′s figures for example when 8,493 applications for a care order were made to the court and only 11, yes I said 11 Care Orders were refused.  Great, that means you have a 0.01% chance of winning in court!  Why?Because the legal aid solicitors are "professional losers" so the only parents who win are those happy few who sack their lawyers and represent themselves!They at least have a nearly 50-50 chance !
Much better to send children to Foster/Adoptive Hell where they are statistically seven times more likely to be abused and shockingly three times more likely to die during childhood than if they were at home with their natural parents.  Of course there are many foster and adoptive families who are doing an excellent job at bringing up their children, but sadly this is a rare phenomenon.  For most children, the care system is the last place on earth which could be considered a safe haven (see Hollie Greig case for example.)

Who makes the profits you may well ask? All this expenditure;why would they do it? The L.A can't profit from it. , Well of course the local authority don’t make a profit but when did the civil servants ever care about that? No it is those who make a good living out of the system who make the money ! The judges,the barristers,the solicitors,the so called experts (doctors,psychiatrists,psychologists and others( described by Professor Jane Ireland in her report for the government as hired guns),the foster carers, and of course the “agencies”(who recruit fosterers and adoptive families) like the N.F.A founded a few years ago by two social workers and sold for £130million+ ! Even that is chickenfeed beside the profits made by private children’s homes and care homes that charge exhorbitant fees for “looking after” children and old people respectively,and out of which they pay generous commissions for referrals…..Oh what a joyful money go round for all concerned!!.Is there a conspiracy, ? No need at all! Birds of a feather flock together ! Or put another way ;those who live off the system defend the system.WHOOPEE !!


Now read about the "bounty hunters"!

"SANCTUARY" pay them very well for rounding up old people to fill expensive nursing homes, referring children to leave their parents for placements with well paid foster families, and getting anyone suspected of  being mentally-ill sectioned and sent to private hospitals!
See below.

Jobs offered by"Sanctuary"

Social Worker – Child Protection and Proceedings, Medway
Social Worker – Adults Mental Health, Kent
Social Worker – Adult Safeguarding, North Lincolnshire

What you can expect from Sanctuary:

• Support from a dedicated consultant with extensive social work experience
• Choice of a variety of social work jobs throughout the UK within many specialism’s
• Excellent rates of pay
• Automatic job alerts tailored to your requirements and experience
• PAYE or LTD company payments
Excellent referral scheme - £250 for each successfully placed referral

About Sanctuary:
• Preferred supplier to 170 local authorities and organisations such as the NHS, Cafcass and the NSPCC


    NO ORDERS 306
    ORDERS MADE 7,796
    (only 11 times did a judge actually
    refuse a care order)


    NO ORDERS 92
    ORDERS MADE 8,849
    (only 10 times did a judge actually
    refuse a care order)


    NO ORDERS 289
    ORDERS MADE 7,222
    (only 12 times did a judge actually
    refuse a care order)


    NO ORDERS 290
    ORDERS MADE 7,624
    (only 23 times did a judge actually
    refuse a care order)


    NO ORDERS 245
    ORDERS MADE 7,077
    (only 20 times did a judge actually
    refuse a care order)

    SOURCE: England and Wales Judicial Statistics


From the law library o congress Republc of Ireland proving the point I think !

Northampton County Council v. ABF and MBF,18 the return of a child to England was refused,

because doing so would have created an adoption without consent of one of the parents. In this decision,

the Court relied heavily on article 41 of the Irish Constitution. It understood article 41 to grant the father

the right to enforce his rights as the natural father in a foreign jurisdiction. The Court believed that this

result was in concert with the protection of the rights of the father and the infant pursuant to article 41.

Baby Ann Judgments of the Irish Supreme Court made on 13 November 2006

We provide links below to the Judgments made by the five Supreme Court Justices in the hearing labelled by the media as the "Baby Ann Adoption" case.

These judgments represent a landmark in family law.

The principle of the case itself is simply that a baby cannot be adopted from a Married Family against the wishes of the parents. What is remarkable and commendable of the majority of the Justices (see Hardiman J., Geoghegan J., Fennelly J) is that they have seized this opportunity to reverse the slippage in the Rule of Law - the established law of the Family - that custom and practice, as exercised in the family law courts, especially the lower courts, has steadily eroded in the past 40 years.


Teenage mother found hanged days after discovering her baby had been adopted

Daily Mail, 1 June 2011

A tragic teenage mother's body was found hanged days after she discovered her baby had been adopted by another family.

Annabelle Lee Morris, 19, could not cope with her son being taken into care and then put up for adoption.

Her father, Thomas James Morris, found her in her bedroom on March 18 last year - nine days after she found out that her son had new adoptive parents, York Coroner's Court was told.

The authorities had intervened as she was struggling to look after him herself.

Speaking after the inquest, her cousin, Lorna Dawber, said: 'She adored her son and had she accepted the help when it was there her future would have been completely different. In time she would have got there.

'That was the one thing in life that was hers, she absolutely worshipped him.'

She said Annabelle would not have put her family through that deliberately.

'She was a good soul and she had a good heart,' she said.

The inquest heard that the child was taken into foster care when he was less than a year old.

Annabelle, from York, was still allowed to see him a few times a week, but when a psychologist raised further serious concerns, steps were taken to have the baby adopted.

Although it was arranged for Annabelle to meet mental health workers in 2009, she did not attend an appointment.

She saw her son, then 15 months old, for the final time in January 2010. At the time of her death she was on a doctor's waiting list to see a counsellor.

Prior to the adoption, her social worker, John Corden, said Annabelle was 'ambivalent' about accepting the support offered to her as this would involve 'putting boundaries around her lifestyle'.

But he said that he and other colleagues had been impressed by the 'high quality of interaction' between mother and child and that she had been 'dignified and honest' in her work with social services.

Mr Corden said 'I had frequent discussions with Annabelle about the way the case was going. She never suggested to me that if adoption were the outcome she would harm herself.

'Annabelle was blessed with a warm and benign personality. She could present herself as a well functioning and capable young lady.

'In the fullness of time, that may have been a considerable asset to her.'

Coroner Donald Coverdale recorded an open verdict and said the cause of her death was asphyxia due to hanging.

Noting that she had strong support from a loving family and from social services, he said: 'Miss Morris was a 19-year-old with a number of problems relating back to childhood.

'In recent times she had gone through the trauma of having her child adopted.

'The final meeting with her child had been in January and that time must have been the most difficult of all.

'It seems to me that she had time to reflect on the unhappy course of events culminating in the adoption. My best guess is that what has happened was an impulsive act, it could be described as a cry for help.'


At last! Victory on secret courts: Rulings in family cases to be made public after Mail campaign and the work of a few dedicated campaigners
by Steve Doughty
Daily Mail, 16th January 2014

  • Family Court and Court of Protection judgements will now be made public
  • Expert witnesses, including social workers, are to be named
  • Councils applying to take children into care can no longer claim anonymity
  • New rules laid down by President of the Family Division Sir James Munby
  • Daily Mail has exposed a series of major scandals over the past year
  • These have resulted from justice being conducted behind closed doors

Decisions by secret courts that can lead to children being taken from their parents or old people forced into care homes are finally to be opened up to public scrutiny.
Under rules set out yesterday, future judgments in the family courts and the Court of Protection must be made public except in cases where there is a clear reason to dictate they should not be.
Councils applying to take children into care or to take control of the lives of the old and sick can no longer hide behind a cloak of anonymity. 
Expert witnesses, including social workers, should also be named in public, as should anyone found responsible for wrongdoing.
The landmark changes break a silence that has surrounded family justice for nearly 100 years.
They also mark a major victory for the Daily Mail which has campaigned against secret courts and exposed a series of major scandals over the past year resulting from justice being conducted behind closed doors.
The new rules, laid down by the most senior family judge, President of the Family Division Sir James Munby, say that judgments in the family courts and the Court of Protection must always be publicised unless there are ‘compelling reasons’ why not.
Only children and adults caught up in disputes and members of their families should be protected by anonymity.
The guidelines warn that secrecy prevents families who have been involved in cases from complaining when they believe they have suffered injustice.
Sir James said in guidance sent to judges that there would be ‘an immediate and significant change in practice in relation to the publication of judgments in family courts and the Court of Protection’.

He added: ‘In both courts there is a need for greater transparency in order to improve public understanding of the court process and confidence in the court system.
‘At present too few judgments are made available to the public, which has a legitimate interest in being able to read what is being done by judges in its name.’
The Mail’s campaign revealed last April that the Court of Protection – set up by the last Labour government to deal with the affairs of those too ill to make decisions for themselves – had jailed a woman in secret and without publishing any record.
A Birmingham judge imprisoned Wanda Maddocks, 50, for contempt of court for trying to get her father out of a care home where he had been ordered to stay.
Miss Maddocks had no lawyer to represent her, and no judgment was published. She served six weeks.
In December we revealed how an Italian mother who had been forced by the Court of Protection to have a caesarean begged a family court judge in vain to allow her to keep her baby.
Everything that happened to the mother, Alessandra Pacchieri, was decided by the courts in secret.
In the same month we disclosed the case of the ‘irreproachable’ father who spent 12 years and £100,000 in the family courts trying to win the right to see his 14-year-old daughter – and who still has not won his case for access.
Currently, secrecy in the family courts – which can remove children from dangerous parents, order them to be adopted, and decide on their custody – is governed by 1960 law.
This makes it contempt of court to discuss a case when no judgment has been published, a crime punishable by two years in prison. Successive attempts to open up the courts have been thwarted.
In 2006, Labour Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer blocked a law that would have allowed more light in because state-subsidised charities such as the NSPCC and the National Children’s Bureau opposed the idea.
Labour’s 2005 Mental Capacity Act, pushed through by Lord Falconer, set up the Court of Protection. Its rules say ‘the general rule is that a hearing is to be held in private’.
Sir James Munby, who took over a year ago as President of the Family Division, which includes responsibility for both courts, said his new guidance would take effect from February 3.
He added that further guidance and formal legal practice directions will follow. There may yet be full Parliamentary legislation, although Sir James said this is ‘unlikely in the near future.’
He said that current rules are ‘inappropriate where family members wish to discuss their experiences in public, identifying themselves and making use of the judgment.
‘Equally, they may be inappropriate in cases where findings have been made against a person and the court concludes it is in the public interest for that person to be identified.’


New Advice to Protesting Parents

The new Munby judgment gives you all a lot of freedoms that were hitherto denied you. My advice is to take advantage of them! This is what I advise you to do:-
If you feel your baby or child has been taken unjustly for no good reason you are now free to plaster the internet and all the legal blogs wherever you find them with protests from you personally. Local and national newspapers now have the freedom to print all the details that you give them except the names of yourselves as parents and your children, so give them all the gory details of how badly you and your children have been treated.
Name the heartless social workers, the awful Guardian, the hired guns who call themselves experts and any foster carers who neglect or abuse your child, despite the huge sums of money they receive. Even more important name as often as you can the local authority responsible for taking your children, naming especially not only social workers but your local councillors who are directly responsible for all the children in care. If your local councillor or MP refuse to give you proper help, fobbing you off with the lame excuse that "we don't comment on individual cases" ask them on the internet who elected them and what they are elected for, then give them all the bad publicity that you can manage and that they deserve.
Yes you are now free to do this without restriction all over the internet, on Facebook, Twitter and on every relevant blog you can see including  your own websites, if you have them. Try and get your case on radio, TV and in the local or national press.
Most newspapers like to expose justices done to their readers but up till now the law has prevented them from doing so properly. From  Feb 3rd 2014 new laws will allow them to "publish and be damned" as the Duke of Wellington famously said nearly 200 years ago.
I call on all families whose children have been removed unjustly to rise up and protest so that there is a mini-revolution from all those affected and hopefully many of the injustices will be rectified and children will be returned to their loving parents.
There is still much work to do because local authorities and social workers will not change their characters overnight. The end to secrecy is just the beginning because what we really need is the end to the family courts and social workers who act like police officers.
We need child cruelty to be an affair for the police to deal with in criminal courts with criminal standards of proof that are fair to all participants alike.
Punishment without crime is itself a crime so no parents should be deprived of their children unless they have committed serious crimes that can affect their capacity to care for those children.
All gagging orders should be abolished and forced adoption should be outlawed. If all this happens we can look forward to a new era in child care and also care of the elderly since the Court of Protection will also be subject to the new rules.
Thank you for reading this and I beg you to read it all again and then act upon it.
Ian Josephs